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Welcome to The Pit Bull Net.

The addition to the House  and the shop received final sign off on April 11, 2003. We started moving in a few weeks later (the painters still had work to do).  We moved everything to the addition and started working on the 'old' portion of the house. That should be finished by the end of July, then we can take a break!  Well, after the landscaping that is...

The remodel of the front (old portion) of the house is complete, but  we are still trying to get a chance to move into it. Will keep y'all posted!

Unfortunately, the rest of the site has been essentially abandoned until the house is completed. Hopefully soon I can get back to this!!! Obviously this never happened!

So, as a 2006 update, I still haven't done the landscaping, but the house has been done for quite a while. I am currently awaiting surgery for a torn ACL and meniscus, then the landscaping will get done!